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Happy Shakespeare Day

"Tell him that his sword can never win the honour that he loses" All's well that ends well by William Shakespeare.

Our Sword Dancers give us honour by dancing so skillfully and beautifully.

What are the origins of the Sword Dance? One story originating from Shakespeare’s Macbeth which tells of King Malcolm III (Canmore) of Scotland celebrating his victory in battle over a fellow chieftain by dancing over the crossed claymore and sword of his enemy.

Others suggest that the Sword Dance was a pre-battle ritual involving a soldier dancing around and over crossed swords, with misfortune awaiting if his feet touched the blade.

A more practical explanation is that the dance was used as an exercise to sharpen the agile footwork necessary for swordplay.

Even if you don't agree with the Macbeth origins of the Sword Dance today is his day. Happy Shakespeare Day. Regardless of how the Sword Dance originated it is a beautiful skilful dance to behold and can be seen at the Helensburgh and Lomond Highland Games on 3rd June 2023.

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